About us

Omni Partners was born from a desire to help e-retailers succeed in ever increasing international pressure – as well as a hint of frustration and a desire to change the current culture of digital business. Our goal is to help e-retailers make more money, pure and simple.

Our most important strength are our people

Thanks to Omni’s employees, who are all professionals with an extremely long experience, the company has broad know-how from everything that has to do with e-commerce and digital marketing. Thus, Omni can offer its clients a kind of all-encompassing service package that is not available anywhere else in Finland from one single vendor.

Omni’s owners and staff have founded and sold companies as well as worked in different roles both on the supplier side and the client side in the fields of digital marketing, eCommerce and software development. The company is owned by Petteri Erkintalo, Niklas Lahti and Rite Ventures. The owners have together and separately been involved in several of the biggest success stories in the Finnish e-commerce industry from Verkkokauppa.com to Klikki.com.

Omni’s staff constantly develops their own skills; a passion for learning is shared by all the employees.

Focusing on results is the key

We help our clients to earn more euros from their digital channels. Period. We listen to our client, dive into their business and only offer solutions that they truly need. We generally don’t invoice per hour, but instead, based on results.

This data-driven solution-orientation is then combined with Omni’s employees’ fresh ideas and creative craziness, and voilà! The high quality of work is guaranteed.

Strict no-bullshit attitude

Omni Partners was partly born from frustration towards the current culture in the field of digital business, where simple matters are deliberately and needlessly made complex or hard to understand.

We don’t mystify or sugarcoat matters, but rather tell it like it is. We share all our knowledge openly both in our customer relationships and on our website.


  • Founded in 2014
  • 50+ employees
  • 2016 gross margin over 3,5 MEUR
  • 80+ customers
  • Profitable

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here for you!