8 ways to get more visitors to your blog from Facebook

Are you constantly producing interesting content for your blog yet, for some reason, you’re not getting the attention you would like? Do you yearn for more visitors? If you have already exploited different blog lists, have a functional e-mail list of your blog’s followers and you share the blog’s content in social media, what could you do any more to improve your actions? Suggestion: Adopt these tips and exploit Facebook to its full capacity!

5 tips for writing a Call to Action (CTA)

Regardless of the subject of your site, its main purpose is to either sell more, or reduce costs. In order for the first to be realized, visitors to your site must do something: order a product, fill out a bid, or get in touch. A Call to Action (CTA), as its name suggests, is an element that aims to get the visitor to perform a desired action. This article provides 5 tips for writing an effective CTA.

Solve the problems of your online store 3/3: Rising stars

This series focuses on the most typical problems e-retailers face, and offers solutions for them. In the last part of the series we list three pitfalls of established and growing online stores, and ways of avoiding them. Finally, we give a few tips for The Finnish Commerce Federation and eCommerce Finland to help them better serve their customers.

5 tools for fashion marketing in social media

The visual aspect is important across fields, but in fashion and beauty, it is a vital component, particularly in terms of social media. Successful online fashion stores and designers rigorously make use of social media and blogs with full power and at just the right moments. To make life easier for beauty and fashion industry marketers, we listed 5 handy tools for fashion marketing in social media to guarantee razzle-dazzle and visibility!

Search engine optimization of images: 6 sure tips

When entrepreneurs are in charge of optimizing their own online stores and homepages, too often they forget about search engine optimization (SEO) of images. However, consumers actively use image searches for finding products, services and information. This is why optimizing images is really of importance! This article provides simple do-it-yourself instructions for optimizing images.

3 steps for creating a Gmail campaign

With Gmail Sponsored Promotions, advertisers can reach users with a subtle format that fits seamlessly into its environment. Gmail ads are as fit for brand advertising as they are for tactical advertising or launching a product. This article provides easy and quick steps for creating a Gmail ad campaign with Google AdWords.

How the sales process is automated in a B-to-B company

Do you wish to cost-effectively recognize potential customers among visitors to your site? This article reveals how we have been able to create a system that begins with a company representative’s visit on our website and ends up with billing and reporting. Omni’s recipe for automating the sales process includes measurement, identification, contact and classification.

How to avoid the stumbling blocks of the purchase funnel

The customer’s path from an awakened consciousness to making the buy is long and hard, with many obstacles to overcome, each of which may discourage the customer from continuing. This article provides tools for the seller to make sure that the customer stays on board for the entire purchase funnel, spanning from acquiring information to recommending the service to others.

Developing your online store, part 1: Towards commercialism

How to develop your online business operations in a client-centred manner, when technology and channels keep developing so rapidly that what was cutting-edge yesterday, is outdated tomorrow? In this series, we focus on developing an existing online store. The first part focuses on transition phases in commerce, and what we could learn from brick and mortar stores. How to turn a hibernating webshop into a web service of the new age?

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