We exist to help our clients to make more money from their digital channels. We only offer our clients services that actually benefit their business. In our solutions, we swear in the name of data and cost-efficiency. With help of continuous research, we strive to predict market changes to better help our clients in the future as well.

We only offer what our clients need

Omni Partners is a business development partner at heart, not a marketing or digital agency.

At Omni, we want to simplify things. We believe that the business models and processes of online retailers looking to grow always need to be based in data and cost-efficiency. That is, in sense and facts, not in gut feeling.

We always put our clients first in everything we do. We delve into our clients’ businesses and only offer them what they really need: solutions, that will help them make more money from their digital channels. We generally don’t invoice by the hour, but rather based on results.

When partnering with us, the client can rest assured that problems are not swept under the rug, but rather resolved openly.

We help online retailers with their everyday challenges, relating to the following fields:

  1. Business metrics. We support and train our customers to make more money online – from recognizing achievable business goals to day-to-day development of an eCommerce store.
  2. Marketing. We help e-retailers direct their marketing budget to the right direction, ensuring that each marketing euro spent is measured with a product-by-product gross margin.
  3. Analytics and measuring. We help our clients understand consumer behavior based on their own data as well as our broad experience on the market.
  4. Content production and development. We guide content marketing processes from content production to enrichment of product information.
  5. Web service development. We guide and support our clients in using their systems (e.g. eCommerce or CMS platforms, web analytics or digital marketing software) in the best way possible. We help e-retailers recognize the technical and visual challenges affecting the profitability of their online store.
  6. Search engine optimization. We make sure that our clients’ potential clients find the content in search engines, and that it corresponds to what they are looking for.
  7. Added value products, e.g. tools like Nosto, online store plugins, email marketing tools, chat, marketing automation and A/B testing; We make sure that tools and testing results are utilized optimally.
  8. Human resources. We train the staff of our clients to understand their own potential and the potential of their company – and help them find the best people, either within our outside their own organization.

Further information about our services is coming soon, so stay tuned!

A comprehensive business partner to our clients

In Latin, ”Omni” means comprehensive, and that is exactly what Omni Partners is to its clients – a comprehensive business partner. We don’t offer standardized service packages, but rather always tailor our services according to the client’s needs.

We strive for a true partnership, so that the client doesn’t necessarily need to have an own resource for e.g. marketing. At best, thanks to the partnership, a company can postpone hiring an in-house resource by two years, what brings considerable cost savings.

Human factors can also advocate using an outside consultant in solving problems: sometimes it’s easier for the company’s employees to hear about problems from an outsider rather than an member of their own team.

Striving to predict market changes

Being customer-centered means that we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients. Every month, we test new applications that can help our clients identify their potential or speed up the return of capital to the online store. We continuously research changes in consumer behaviour and test how different strategies work.

We do all this so that we can predict market changes even before they are happening. Ultimately, our goal is to serve our clients better and guide them to react to changes proactively.

We also offer information and content to support our clients’ own development efforts. On our website, you will find articles, tools, surveys and comparisons to help you increase the revenue of your online store or web service.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here for you!