Nosto is a marketing automation solution for online shops, enabling online retailers to deliver their customers a personalised shopping experience, increasing conversion, average order value and customer retention as a result. Nosto’s platform-independent solution works with any online store or e-commerce platform. With Omni’s extensive background on e-commerce and deep collaboration with Nosto, we are the perfect partner to ensure that your business objectives are met with Nosto, and that you utilize the full potential of the service.

What we offer

Omni Partners collaborates with Nosto on multiple levels, and we are the biggest re-seller of Nosto marketing automation technology in Finland. Nosto for its part focuses entirely on developing the best marketing automation solution in the world.

Our service portfolio regarding Nosto evolves continuously as new features are released and new merchant requirements surface. The Omni Nosto team can independently handle all the aspects of Nosto support, whether they are technical, design-related or strategic by nature.

The current service offering consists of the following:

  1. Nosto Implementation Projects: If you don’t have an implementation partner to set up Nosto with, we are happy to help ‒ regardless of platform used; our focus is in larger projects with enterprise level technologies and/or custom platforms, but we can help with all kinds of platforms
  2. Day-to-day Support: Changes to recommendation logics, triggered emailing activations and modifications, activating and implementing new features
  3. Integrations: Custom integrations, ESP and POS integrations, blacklist integrations and all other functions where Nosto supports importing or exporting data through Nosto API’s
  4. Layout and Design Changes: Layouts for on-site recommendations, new triggered emailing templates, overlays, custom setups, banner designs and implementations
  5. Expert Services & Optimizations: Changes required to support ongoing campaigns with Nosto, data-based optimizations of Nosto setups in on-site recommendations and triggered email, extensive A/B tests, campaign and offering harmonizations, campaign monitoring, reporting and optimization services

Why Omni?

Omni is an e-commerce specialist consultancy supporting online retailers in all aspects of their digital business. Our bread and butter reaches from complex integration projects to optimizing tactical marketing, with Omni’s team having extensive and broad expertise from the whole range. As consumer behaviour is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, we help businesses stay relevant.

Nosto and Omni have been collaborating since 2013, and the companies know each other inside and out. Omni is the biggest reseller of Nosto marketing automation technology in Finland.

The companies also collaborate on other areas:

  • Omni and its subsidiary Nord Software have designed and implemented a number of Nosto platform plug-ins_ for e.g. Magento, Drupal Commerce, PrestaShop, WordPress e-Commerce, WooCommerce, VirtueMart and Ubercart
  • Omni has helped Nosto in developing new feature sets, from concepts to live-functionalities, and has had constantly 1–2 developers working with developing core Nosto functionalities and R&D since 2013

Interested in learning more about our services? Don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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