Search engine optimization yields sales

Search engine optimization (SEO) brings in more free visitors to your company site, thus boosting sales. Through optimization, you can ensure that your products and services can be found in organic search results, when your current and future clients do the search. Omni possesses the know-how for optimizing all kinds of systems, online stores and websites. Regardless of which platform your site operates on, or who has built it, we can turn it even better from the search engines’ perspective.

Search engine optimization provides following benefits:

  • Increased sales: Let’s start with the most important one. With optimization you get more visitors – and increased online sales.
  • You are found where you should be.
  • Stronger brand: When your industry’s key search terms put you at the top of search results, you are considered to be an authority outside internet too.
  • Additional value: Once your visitors are provided with all the information and instructions they need from your site, they are happier. You are also happier, when customer phone calls and inquiries abate.
  • More time: Worry not about the situation with your site; we’ve got it covered.
  • Verifiable results: We measure and report. You simply revel in the accomplishments.
  • Good ROI: When done properly, you reap profit for years to come.

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What we offer

An old, worn-out saying claims that SEO is about improving website ranking in search results. Although in theory this rings true, this is but a glimpse into what optimization is about.

The most important goal of SEO for us is to increase your sales.

In practice, search engine optimization covers technical changes on the site, data analysis, creating text content, and all other imaginable tricks of the digital realm. We modify the site and its content so that it effectively corresponds to searches made by users of Google, Bing and other search engines. In addition to editing old content, we create some new, particularly of the kind that helps us reach much more potential customers than before. Even customers you did not know existed.

The most important part of SEO is not to get a single keyword onto the first search result page (although this is also an object of investment) or simply to increase the number of visitors, but to increase your site’s customer and sales figures. When you answer your target group’s needs better online than your competitors, a larger share of purchases takes place on your site than previously. You win, others lose.

SEO is not trickery and gimmicks, but real improvement of your company website. In addition to the time and trouble it takes, it calls for expertise.


How do we proceed?

In SEO projects, we work in the following way:

  1. Keyword analysis: Everything begins with analyzing the keywords. If this part fails, the benefits of the rest of the project cannot fully be actualized. With keyword research, we investigate which terms are most central for your products and services, how contested they are, and what kind of content we need to create for your site.
  2. Data acquisition and analysis: How does your site rank now and how many visitors are there on your site? It is also important to grasp the type of visitors on your site, where they come from and why they are there. Your competitors are also analyzed.
  3. Technical changes: Next, we fix the technical issues and any obstacles in your search engine visibility. Sometimes systems limit the optimization process. We then tell you which procedures can be used to solve the situation entirely or reach the best possible state. We can implement the changes for you or instruct your company staff in making them.
  4. Content production: Content is the current king of websites. Your page is guaranteed to be in need of textual content that both improves the user experience for your site and your site’s search engine ranking. If you claim that your site already has all the necessary content, you are most likely wrong. At best, content production is an ongoing process that, in addition to traditional product and category texts, focuses on solving clients’ problems, such as writing manuals or other content that give additional value to your clients. Content is at the core of visibility.
  5. Measuring results: When all the changes have been implemented and plenty of additional content has been created on the site, it is time to monitor results. SEO is a process. Changes in rankings and an increase of visitors on your site reveal to us which improvements still need to be implemented. Search engine rakings are never permanent. Rankings can jump because of algorithm changes made by Google or Bing, competitor site changes, or some other reason. This is why the situation needs to be monitored.
  6. Additional changes & additional content: Results and analytics give us information on whether your site needs some more tuning. In continuous projects, we can also agree on producing additional content or even managing your blog.
  7. Continuous support: You get your own contact person, whom you can contact anytime and in regards to any optimization-related matter.
  8. Training: If you enjoy doing things yourself and seek that wonderful feeling of succeeding, SEO training may be the thing for you. We can complete all stages of the project and still train your staff in SEO and content production. We also instruct your company staff to monitor the results of our work and use all the necessary tools, starting from Google Analytics visitor monitoring.

SEO is about persistence. Technical and content-related changes can, of course, result in a quick increase in visitor figures, if your site was clearly against search engine guidelines prior to the optimizing procedures. However, achieving maximum visibility usually requires time. If you’re looking for quick results right away, choose Google AdWords or Bing advertising.

Measure – analyze – improve. And then start all over.

Example #1: Online store SEO workshop (2 days)

Omni’s groundwork prior to the workshop (1 day):

  1. Keyword research for the store
  2. Technical analysis of the online store platform
  3. Analysis of how the current content corresponds to the keyword research results
  4. Survey of the current functioning and ranking of the site
  5. Listing the necessary changes to be made

How the workshop advances (1 day):

  1. Revising together the most important criteria for SEO-friendliness
  2. Presenting the results of advance analyses and explaining reasons for changes
  3. Setting goals for the changes
  4. Implementing the necessary / possible technical changes
  5. Producing an example of an effective category and product text
  6. Training the persons in charge of the online store: how they can continue the development work on their own, what to monitor in analytics

Depending on the agreement, Omni either instructs how to produce the remaining necessary textual content for the online store, or produces it. Content production often takes from half a day to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the store.

The full effect of the project cannot be witnessed until after a few months following the production of the new content.

Reports: A report on changes right after the workshop and a report on the reaped benefits after about 1–3 months.

Example #2: Continuous development

The project begins in the way presented in example #1: Omni does the groundwork, after which a workshop of up to one day is arranged, if the client so wishes.

Once the necessary technical changes have been implemented, the project is carried on as continuous, in which case:

  1. Omni reports a monthly update on the project (changes, results)
  2. Omni and/or the client produces additional content as agreed, for example 1–15 hours per month (if you wish to produce your own content, we instruct and train you)
  3. Omni reacts to analytics and fine-tunes the site’s technical features further, if needs be

Upon agreement, continuous development can also encompass trainings.

We consider longer projects partnerships. We invest in them fully and ensure that you benefit from the results.

Example #3: Basic SEO for a small site (1–2 days)

Are you running a small online store? Or does your company have a smallish website and operate in a clearly distinguishable industry? If you know that something should be done about the site, but you are not looking for long partnerships, we can spruce up your site in terms of technology and content in one go.

  1. Omni performs a quick analysis on the current state of the site: the most effective keywords, necessary technical changes, most important content.
  2. We tell you which changes we wish to implement.
  3. You deliver us the login information for your website.
  4. We perform the changes and produce the content.
  5. You can monitor the results yourself (don’t worry, we’ll tell you how).

This type of quick optimization is by no means an optimal solution for a company seeking as much profit online as possible.

Yet a smaller local company, e.g. a repairs company, car repair shop, hairdresser or a masseur, is bound to get their money’s worth.


For whom?

Search engine optimization is important for all companies. We can provide optimization services as long projects or in one go, tailored right according to your company’s needs.

Usually large sites and large enterprises hope for the full profit and a long-term partner for their site development. Smaller companies hope for a quick fix and little hassle. We offer you exactly what you need for the best possible price. We use our time so that your site gets the optimal effect from the euros paid.

Purchasing SEO is an investment like any other marketing procedure. The longer you benefit from the changes we implement, the better the ROI.


Why Omni?

Omni provides all the services under a single roof. We possess extensive and sound experience from digital business.

We won’t impose certain systems upon you, nor make you choose selected tools. Our company is independent of systems and vendors. Yet we have the skills for optimizing all systems, online stores and sites. So regardless of which platform your site operates on, or who it has been created by, we can make it even better in the eyes of search engines.

You get your money’s worth and zero bullshit.

Don’t let your competitors nab all your free search engine traffic. Optimize your company’s online store or website, be seen where you need to be seen, and make it easy to increase sales!

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