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Once your customers have entered your site, will they stay? Are the previously set goals met, including contacts, views of a certain page, purchase transactions or page shares? Is your online service easy to use? Does your online store communicate with other systems without any problems? If you answered “no” to any one of these questions, your web service needs to be developed. The ultimate goal of development measures is, of course, to increase sales. Omni’s strength as a technological partner lies in an understanding of all areas of online business.

The web service development project‘s objectives are:

  • to get customers to remain in the service longer
  • improve the service’s usability
  • deploy necessary additional features
  • get existing systems to communicate with your online service and each other without problems

Ultimately, web service development of course aims for increased online sales.

Currently web service development focuses on the following areas in particular:

  1. Mobile friendliness: The share of mobile traffic is increasing constantly. It can no longer be assumed that all users are using a service with a large-screen desktop computer operating on Windows. All users are different, and the online service should be easy and pleasant to use, regardless of the device.
  2. Content first: Web service management and content production should be as easy as possible to admins. The platform itself is not most important, but instead the content which is published and spread with the help of the platform.
  3. Data and measurement: All decisions regarding web service development should have solid justifications. Presenting reasons within the digital world is, thankfully, easy, as everything can be measured, and decision-making is supported by such a quantity of data that it exceeds human understanding.
  4. Personification: Different technologies enable tailoring the web service and its different views for different users, based on their interests.
  5. Automation: Features that are repeated often, such as reportage, backup copying and different maintenance procedures can be automated, which enables significant resource savings for the company.

What we offer

In terms of web service development, we offer assistance for our clients in the following areas:

  1. Surveying the current state of the web service entails looking at visitor statistics, conversions, search engine as well as other online visibility, technical quality and usability testing. We also find out what is currently measured what is not. Based on the survey, we define what else should to be measured and what data is needed.
  2. We create a new web service or online store from scratch. Omni does smaller implementations with its own team; in larger-scale projects, we can rely on Omni’s subsidiary Nord Software, if necessary.
  3. In CMS migration projects the client’s content management system is switched into a more usable alternative.
  4. We help clients in deploying Google Analytics and Tag Manager, tailor them to the client’s needs and provide training in using them.
  5. In deploying and tailoring third-party applications, Omni acts as an interpreter between the client and third party. We also provide training in using the applications. The Nosto marketing solution is a good example of a third party application.

For whom?

The functionality and usability of a web service is a vital condition for all companies doing online business, particularly e-retailers.

Small companies often have small resources, but even little measures can yield significant results. Small and medium companies should pay attention at least to the following matters:

  • Are there any technical obstacles for search engine findability? If so, they must be removed.
  • Does the e-commerce platform create any problems related to sales or usability? If so, it needs to be changed.
  • Does the web service work seamlessly in mobile devices, too? If not, the service should be made responsive.

Large companies should naturally make sure that the above-mentioned factors are in order. If resources allow it, also the following are worth investing in:

  • Integrations: Systems should communicate effortlessly with each other. An integration of an online store with CRM and enterprise resource planning systems is a good example.
  • Personification: For an online store, this can refer to product recommendations based on the visitor’s interests.

Why Omni?

Omni Partners’ absolute strength as a technological partner lies in the fact that we have an understanding of all areas of online business, in addition to our technological know-how. All Omni’s employees are specialized in their own area of expertise, but they have enough knowledge of their colleagues’ work to be able to take different angles into account in projects.

In web service development, projects we do not have a one-sided vision that only looks at technological choices and code, but rather the big picture, and we evaluate different alternatives from a multitude of angles. Our ultimate goal in everything we do is to help our clients make more money online – and this is the case for web service development, too.

Want to find out more on online service development? Don’t hesitate to be in touch!

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